With CoSell, reaching the prospects and customers you're looking for has never been easier! The platform helps you request introductions to the people you need to meet via your LinkedIn mutual connections.

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1) LinkedIn Search

To get started, you can search for the person you want to reach by company, job title, or full name.

2) Request intro to prospect

When determining your LinkedIn target prospect, click the "Request intro via CoSell" button on their profile.

The "Request intro via CoSell" button will only be visible if the profile you're viewing is one of your first or second-degree LinkedIn connections. Unfortunately, this button will not be available for profiles of third-degree connections.

3) Select the connector to make the intro.

After clicking the "Request intro via CoSell" button, you'll be taken to a page where you can view your mutual connections with the prospect or customer you're trying to reach. On this page, you'll need to select the mutual connection you want to request an introduction from by clicking “Request intro to [Prospect name]”.

4) Kick off the intro flow.

You should see that both the prospect and the connector have been loaded into the CoSell platform. The prospect is the person you're trying to reach, and the connector is the mutual connection you're asking for an introduction from. Click “Continue.”

5) Compose email

Now it's time for you to go ahead and write the email introduction request you'll send to the connector. If you need help with what to write, don't worry - CoSell has created several templates you can use. These templates are designed to help you make a great first impression and effectively communicate the value of your request to the connector. Choose the template you think will work best for your situation and customize it to fit your needs.

6) Add forwardable

If the connector agrees to your introduction request, including a forwardable email that the connector forwards to the prospect on the spot is essential. This email should include a short expression of gratitude to the connector for introducing, a brief description of your role, company, how you can help the prospect, and any additional resources that may interest the prospect.

A well-crafted forwardable can help you build rapport with the connector and prospect and establish a strong foundation for a long-term relationship. So be sure to take the time to prepare this email in advance, and you'll be ready to make the most of the introduction when the time comes.

7) Ready, set? Send the request!

Review the intro request and forwardable messages for speller and context errors before sending. After doing so, click “Send request.” That’s it!

8) Let CoSell prepare your request.

After you send your introduction request, CoSell needs to prepare the request for shipment. This process involves verifying the email addresses associated with the connector and the prospect to ensure the request is sent to the correct people. Our team takes care of this step, which usually takes just a few minutes.

Once the introduction request has been sent to the connector, you'll be alerted. You'll also receive an email about the request's status and any other information you might have. This way, you can stay informed and ensure the introduction request goes to the right people.

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